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Dealing with the death of a loved one is difficult, and handling their estate can be overwhelming. Whether your loved one prepared a last will and testament or not, our East Islip probate attorney and estate administration lawyer at Donato Law can help you through the process. We will file the correct application with the Surrogate’s Court, obtain a tax identification number and guide you through the distribution of the estate.

Estate Administration in New York

When a person dies without having a will, the court process to distribute his/her estate is called an administration. The person appointed by the court to manage and distribute the property is called an administrator. The court will issue letters of administration naming the administrator. These letters are what allow the person to distribute the decedent’s property.

If you need legal help naming an administrator in East Islip NY, consult our Suffolk County probate attorneys by calling 631-920-3848 today.

Probate Process in East Islip, NY

When a person dies and he/she has a will, the court process is called probate. Only certain assets are included in the probate estate. while some assets pass outside of probate including:

  • Life insurance,
  • Retirement benefits, and
  • Joint property with rights of survivorship.

Executor —The individual named in the Will to carry out the distribution of the Estate in accordance with the decedent’s wishes.

Letters Testamentary is a document issued by the court appointing the person named in decedent’s will as executor so he/she can distribute the estate in accordance with the will.

During the probate proceeding, the court will determine if the will was properly executed. All people who would inherit under New York state law must either sign a consent to the appointment of the Executor or be served a citation.

If you’re in charge of administering an estate, our estate planning, probate, and family law attorneys in East Islip New York can provide legal assistance in your probate proceeding to ensure that you’re loved one’s will is carried out according to their wishes. Schedule a consultation with our New York probate attorney serving in East Islip, Suffolk County and more areas in New York.

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