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Family encompasses issues involving the family, such as legal separation, adoption, or divorce, among many others. Family law attorneys provide representation for individuals facing family court in such negotiations. They can also handle all the related paperwork like property agreements and petitions.

Each family law case is different. Some go through a relatively simple uncontested no-fault divorce while others go through a lengthy and expensive contested divorce Our trusted family law attorneys at Donato law have years of experience with different aspects of family law, from mediation and divorce proceedings to marriage and adoption. Family law cases involve life-changing events and going through them is stressful even without all the legal proceedings. 

At Donato law, we can ensure that we’ll get you the most favorable resolution possible. Call our East Islip family law attorney today to see how we can help.

Child Custody Attorney in East Islip, NY

During the divorce process, child custody and visitation issues could be challenging. If you are wondering how child custody works, our East Islip child custody lawyer can answer your questions and assist in your custody case to ensure your child’s best interests are promoted.

A child custody agreement details the parameters of child care and custody between you, your partner or ex-spouse, and your kids. Depending on the circumstances, our East Islip family lawyers and child custody attorneys will help you understand the difference between legal custody and physical custody.

While legal custody can either be awarded as sole or joint custody for you or your partner, it determines who gets to make decisions about your children’s education, health, even religion, and other matters. On the other hand, physical custody determines who gets to live with the child or children involved. You’ll need someone who can skillfully negotiate an amicable outcome. Talk to an experienced New York family law attorney to get legal help for your custody case.

East Islip NY Visitation Lawyer

Don’t let your child bear the brunt of a custody battle. At Donato law, our East Islip divorce attorney helps you avoid the heartbreak of seeing your child caught between you and your spouse. Visitation attorneys are also parents who understand both the joys and pains of being a parent. With help from our Suffolk County family lawyer and divorce attorney, you get compassionate representation while looking after the welfare of your child. We make it a point that both parties will focus solely on the interest of your child. Call us now to talk to our esteemed visitation lawyer about your legal issue.

Child Support in New York

Getting divorced not only affects you emotionally but also financially. When children are involved, the welfare of the children becomes one of the most important matters that need to be discussed. Our East Islip child support attorney at Donato Law understands how child support orders impact the future and education of your child.

Regardless of what kind of child support dispute you find yourself in, our compassionate East Islip family lawyers and divorce attorneys will help in your child support calculation and give you a personalized representation, and will not stop until you achieve the best possible outcome for your child.

Domestic Violence in Suffolk County

Have you faced violence and abuse in the hands of a family member? If you are a victim of domestic violence, or if you’re facing false allegations of abuse, you will need the help of a reliable family law attorney in Suffolk County, New York to air your side of the story and ensure a fair trial of your case. Restraining orders are also something to keep in mind whichever side you may be on. Our experienced domestic violence attorney will help prepare you for the courtroom so you can gain a favorable outcome.


One of the most major post-divorce legal difficulties is relocation. When children are involved in a divorce, the situation becomes more problematic. All parties work together to lessen the impact of the divorce on the child or children.

Relocation can affect different areas such as child visitation, spousal support, or custody agreements. Get compassionate legal counsel from our East Islip family law attorneys. 

Prenuptial Agreements in East Islip

No one wants to imagine a lovely marriage coming to an end, much less even before it had begun! However, if you do decide to get a divorce, you may find yourself having difficulty with issues such as the division of marital property or alimony. Protect yourself and your assets by getting a prenuptial agreement. If negotiation or mediation cannot get you the outcome you desire, a prenuptial agreement ensures you don’t get the short end of the stick after divorce.

Our East Islip divorce lawyers have seen hundreds of divorce cases and know the benefits of such an agreement. Talk to us today so we can help you make an informed decision.

Post-Judgment in Suffolk County

When a divorce is finalized, the court’s orders must be obeyed. You must follow the court’s orders, or you may face additional legal consequences. Courts recognize their limitations in making decisions based on the facts before them and are receptive to requests for revisions. Furthermore, courts are available to assist if one party disregards an order and the other requires assistance in enforcing it.

Adoption in NY

Adoptions are an incredible way to start a family! It is a great undertaking, no matter if it’s a formalization of a relationship or a loving couple welcoming a child in need. It is a great pleasure for our East Islip family law lawyers to help you through the legal process. If you have any questions about family laws regarding adoption, do not hesitate to contact us!

East Islip, New York Father’s Rights 

Both fathers and mothers deserve equal rights to spend time and make decisions for their children. If the mother of your child is threatening to take legal custody and physical custody of your children, our firm will stand up for you! Our lawyers have years of experience in the family law practice with hundreds of cases, both contested and uncontested. Contact our family law lawyer now so you can assert your legal rights and get a favorable outcome.

Talk to our Experienced East Islip Family Law Attorneys Today!

Divorce and family law can be complicated and stressful. The last thing you need is legal representation that is only in it for the money, unnecessarily delaying your case for higher attorney fees. 

At Donato Law, we provide compassionate and personalized representation to ease what can be the most stressful period of your life. Whether it is the dissolution of marriage, parenting time, or division of property, the skilled attorneys of our East Islip family law firm can get you through it. We make sure to have your best interest in mind.

Don’t hesitate. Call our compassionate East Islip NY Family lawyers at Donato Law to get personalized representation today!

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