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Have you thought about what legacy you will leave behind for your children and your family? As we grow older, we are more likely to wrestle with health-related issues that may affect us. Estate planning involves future-proofing your assets and wealth and ensuring that you will be prepared for what lies ahead in case you become critically ill and unable to make decisions about personal matters or pass away unexpectedly. Our East Islip estate planning attorney help you get started with your estate plan.

Our East Islip New York Law Firm can help you draft a last will and testament, establish a trust, set up a power of attorney and health care proxy, and decide how you want your properties to be distributed, who will manage these for you, and who your primary beneficiaries or heirs should be.

Making a Last Will & Testament in New York

If you pass away without a will, the state determines how the your estate will be distributed and this may not be according to your wishes. While you can draft a will by yourself, it’s better to seek legal help from a wills and trusts attorney who is well-versed in state laws.

Our East Islip NY family lawyer and estate planning attorney Jodi Donato is well-versed in New York estate planning law and has the experience to protect your legacy and make sure that your final wishes are carried out.

Establishing a Trust in East Islip, NY

While a last will and testament is an essential component of your estate plan, there are certain things a will cannot do that a trust can. In establishing a trust, you’ll need to designate a trustee who manages and distributes the assets and property place in the trust. There are also several types of trusts you can use for different estate planning purposes.

Our Suffolk County NY estate planning attorney can choose the types of trust that is right for you and provide quality legal assistance in creating a trust in New York.

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Take charge of your wealth and your health today! Our estate planning and probate administration lawyers in East Islip can provide legal assistance in creating various estate planning documents, such as last will and testament, healthcare proxy, revocable and irrevocable trust, living will, and power of attorney for New York clients.

Whether you have legal concerns in family law, real estate law, or estate planning in East Islip, Suffolk County, and more areas in New York, reach out to our experienced East Islip family lawyers and estate planning & real estate attorneys are here to help! Call us at 631-920-3848 to schedule a consultation with us today.


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