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Paternity is the legal recognition of a father as the child’s parent, which confers on him rights and responsibilities that are enforceable in court. Paternity can be established in one of four ways: presumption, acknowledgment, court order, or estoppel.

The majority of paternity law was relevant prior to the advent of DNA testing, and when there is a question, DNA will resolve almost all issues. However, paternity laws were developed when heterosexual couples were the only recognized relationship, and the emergence of same-sex couples has revived paternity laws to some extent after a long period of irrelevance.

If the parties are married, New York presumes the paternity of their children. This presumption is disputable. It is unclear how this long-held assumption regarding same-sex couples will evolve over time.

By executing an acknowledgment of paternity correctly, paternity can be established.

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Why do I need a Paternity Lawyer in East Islip, NY?

In the state of New York, fathers frequently run into roadblocks when attempting to exercise their parental rights, such as the right to visit their children and the right to share parenting responsibilities. Help is available from a paternity attorney. Experienced paternity attorneys are the ones who lead the way in legal matters, guiding fathers through the maze of complicated procedures and laws to help them with a wide range of paternity-related issues.


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What is Paternity?

Paternity LawyerLegal paternity is what is meant by the term “paternity.”

If the biological parents are married at the time of the child’s birth, paternity is presumed to have been established by default. The child’s paternity can be established through the husband’s legal rights.

Paternity must be established when the biological parents are not married at the time of the birth. If paternity is not established for your child, they will not have a father in the eyes of the law.

This is the case irrespective of whether one or both of the child’s parents live with them.

If paternity isn’t established for a child, that child loses out on certain rights and benefits that come with having a legal father in their life.

To Maintain Your Legal Rights During a Divorce

Divorces can be incredibly challenging for the entire family. When children are involved, the situation is frequently more emotionally and financially taxing. During a divorce, communication can become extremely strained and even antagonistic, which serves neither party. We serve as the central point of contact for your divorce-related legal issues and provide a strong voice for your needs. A family attorney acts as your personal legal advocate throughout the entire divorce process, standing by your side to protect your rights.

To Ensure Fairness in Timesharing Determination

A paternity attorney can also assist with the determination of timesharing. Your attorney will work diligently to ensure the process is fair, regardless of whether you are selected to assume primary responsibility. If you do not have primary custody, timesharing will be determined for weekends, holidays, summer break, and other events throughout the year. Typically, these contracts are intended to be long-term, so a competent family law attorney is essential during this crucial time.

To Ensure Fairness in Parental Responsibility Determination

There are numerous factors that influence parental responsibility. The judge will determine which parent will have primary responsibility for the child(ren) based on the presentation of the family’s facts and circumstances. It is important to note that the parent with primary parental responsibility will have authority over important aspects of the child’s life, such as medical care, education, and more.

To Properly File a Paternity Action

In order to proceed with a paternity action, the judge presiding over the case must have all of the necessary paperwork. In addition, the appropriate legal grounds have to be supported by factual evidence in the appropriately worded and presented documents. A paternity attorney has previous experience working in the field of family law and is conversant with the various forms of evidence that are necessary for a compelling argument.

To Represent Your Interests During the Child Support Determination

Fairness is required not only when determining parental responsibility but also when determining child support. This involves providing financial support for food, shelter, clothing, education, and health needs, among other things. The judge’s goal is to consider the best interests of the child(ren), and there are specific calculations involved in determining the final child support amount. Having a paternity attorney as your advocate throughout the process gives you confidence that the amount of funds will be determined fairly and legally.

Family Law is by Nature Complex

It is highly recommended that you retain the services of a paternity attorney due to the complexity of the many components that make up family law. This will ensure that a father’s rights are protected and that judges make decisions regarding children based on the most accurate and complete information that is possible. When you hire a paternity attorney, you get the benefit of that attorney’s experience, as well as their knowledge and the personal advocacy that comes along with it.

To Assist in an Appropriate Paternity Order Modification

If there is a substantial change in circumstances over time, an original paternity order may need to be modified. For example, one parent may become ill or disabled and unable to provide primary care. To obtain a modification of a paternity order, the request must be properly drafted to satisfy the stricter legal requirements that accompany modifications. An experienced family law attorney works with paternity orders on a regular basis and has the legal knowledge to ensure the best possible outcome.

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