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Regardless of whether your estate is simple and modest or large and complex, working with our trusted East Islip, NY, living will attorney to create a living will is essential. A living will allows you to express your desires as to end-of-life decisions in advance.

At Donato Law, we are here to ensure you have a comprehensive living will in place. We will assist you with making the necessary preparations for your assets and your health care. Schedule a free consultation with our qualified New York estate planning attorney now to learn more about your estate planning options.

Why Do I Need a Living Will Attorney in New York?

Decisions relating to health care and incapacity should be carefully considered. A living will allows you to clearly express your personal wishes about end-of-life treatment.

The hassles and complexities associated with creating a living will in the United States can be daunting, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our credible East Islip, NY, living will attorneys are ready to assist you through every step of the process.

At Donato Law, we help:

  • Provide the effective legal service you deserve and assist you with setting up a plan for either you or a loved one before they pass away.
  • Clearly define, evaluate, and recommend estate planning options.
  • Prepare, organize, and review your last will and testament, revocable or irrevocable living trust, advanced healthcare directive, power of attorney, or any other estate planning document.
  • Plan for the future by assisting them with the process of creating an estate plan and all of the complexities that come along with it to ensure that their wishes are carried out.
  • Draft a working plan for conserving and effectively managing your estate if you are incapacitated or after death, and amend your plan as needed.
  • Transfer the assets of your estate to heirs the way you want.
  • Avoid legal issues and lessen taxes or other unnecessary expenses associated with the probate process.

Every estate has different needs and our estate planning law firm has extensive experience to help you choose from the array of options available to plan your estate. We can guide you towards the best possible outcome in any of your divorce, family law, and estate planning needs in East Islip and Suffolk County. Schedule an initial consultation, and let us help you begin planning for your future today.

What is a Living Will?

A living will describe the kind of health care you want to receive if you are sick or injured and incapable of communicating on your own. This may include instructions that you should not be given certain types of medical care or that only specific types of care should be rendered. Often paired with a power of attorney to assist your agent in carrying out your wishes, this can be a powerful tool.

A living will is not just reserved for older people. The truth is, Incapacitation can happen at any age. Therefore, all adults should consider making a living will. Each state’s laws regarding living wills vary, so it is crucial to consult with our knowledgeable East Islip, NY, living will attorney before attempting to prepare or finalize your living will.

What Should Be Included in a Living Will?

Living wills address situations in which a terminal condition leaves you unable to make your own healthcare decisions. In a living will, you can put any wishes you have for your medical treatment and end-of-life care while considering any possible health issue or treatment outcome. It is a legal document used to permit, constrain, or prohibit various medical treatments. With the help of a top-ranking East Islip, NY, living wills lawyer, you can provide general or specific instructions about the certain types of care that must be or must not be given.


Life-Prolonging Medical Care

With a living will, you can determine if you want or don’t want certain life-sustaining measures. Many can be lifesaving, but you might not wish to receive a particular treatment for an extended period. Talk to your attending physician about various options and their side effects so you can make an informed decision on your care and treatment.

These medical treatments include:

  • use of a respirator or ventilator
  • surgery
  • administration of drugs
  • diagnostic tests 
  • blood transfusions
  • CPR
  • dialysis

Palliative Care

Palliative care is care given to reduce pain when one chooses to forego life-prolonging treatments. You might wish to receive pain medication or avoid aggressive treatments and invasive tests to prioritize your comfort. 

Organ Donation and Body Disposition

Your living will can specify what should be done with your organs and body when you die. You can declare whether you would like your body to be donated for scientific research purposes. You can also specify whether you’d like to donate your:

  • Bodily tissues
  • Organs
  • Entire body

Food and Water

Some permanently unconscious patients can live for a very long time if given intravenous food and water. Tube feeding provides essential nutrients when you’re unable to feed yourself. If you wish to be fed intravenously or with a stomach tube, you must state when and how long you would like this treatment to continue in your living will.

How to Make a Living Will?

Every state has its own unique requirements for making a living will, so you will need to be keenly aware of the laws in your jurisdiction before finalizing your documents. It is always wise to seek legal advice from our competent East Islip, NY, living will attorney when creating any important legal document, particularly one with the life-changing ramifications of a living will.

In most cases, you can often find free living will form at:

  • local hospitals
  • local senior centers
  • your regular attending physician
  • your state’s medical association

After you write your document, you will need to sign it in the presence of witnesses and/or have it notarized. Keep copies of your living will with multiple parties to ensure that someone always has access to your care preferences and wishes. After establishing your living will, you should review it periodically to ensure that it still spells out accurately your instructions and wishes.

Call Our Experienced East Islip NY Living Will Attorney Now!

A living will be a highly beneficial document. It can protect you and your family if you are seriously injured, ill, or cannot communicate your healthcare wishes with a conscious understanding of your circumstances. Without a living will, you can lose the power to make your own decisions if you’re incapacitated.

Writing a living will take lots of foresight and consideration. Therefore, it is highly recommended to seek legal advice from our seasoned East Islip, NY, living will attorneys at Donato Law to ensure that your document is written in a clear and instructional way. Our estate planning law firm has helped numerous clients and their families create and file strong, fail-proof living wills.

Our legal team will work hand-in-hand with you to set up your best plan that meets your needs today and plans for your wishes after passing. We understand that estate planning matters can be stressful for many clients, and we are here to offer you a helping hand to find a resolution in your time of need. Whether you have legal concerns in family law, real estate law, or estate planning in East Islip, Suffolk County, and more areas in New York, call our law office now and schedule an initial consultation with our experienced lawyers.

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