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Have you personally witnessed an abused child? Child abuse and neglect take many forms, not just physical abuse and some a lot more subtle than others. Juvenile abuse goes way beyond bruises. Its most basic definition is the failure to provide for a child’s basic needs, violation of child welfare, and to provide protection. Law-enforcement typically gets in the way and stops cases like this but you need the legal expertise of a child abuse and neglect attorney in order to smoothen the case out. 

To expound, child maltreatment is when a parent fails to provide for the basic needs a child must have to survive such as food, shelter, etc. Failure to provide this can result in physical, emotional, psychological, and mental damage to the child. Of all the abuse, neglect is the most commonly seen done upon children. 

When caught up in child abuse and neglect cases, it is best to get in touch with a child abuse and neglect attorney. An attorney in this practice can review your case and represent you in court, ensuring that you get the best possible outcome for you and your family. A child abuse and neglect attorney can also handle important paperwork that can make and break your case. 

When dealing with child abuse cases or any matters related to children and families such as divorce and custody, seek the assistance of a legal expert. A child abuse and neglect attorney will review your case, prepare the necessary petitions, and represent you in court. A lawyer will also walk you through the legal process to ensure you understand every aspect of the case. 

Why do I need a Child Abuse and Neglect Attorney in New York?

Child Abuse and Neglect attorney Family law comprises an array of domestic issues ranging from child custody to child abuse and neglect. When caught up in a child abuse case, the best course of action is to get in touch with a Suffolk County child abuse and neglect attorney from Donato Law. An attorney from the law firm can offer personalized representation to get you the legal outcome you deserve. 

The firm, representing clients for 25 years, takes a customized approach to clients and makes them feel like family. Clients commend the attorney for their quick response and action, extensive knowledge of the law, thorough case review, and allowing clients to move at their own pace. Attorney Jodi Ann Donato never shies away from clients asking difficult questions and sees these as opportunities to analyze the situation to obtain a favorable outcome. 

If you’re looking for an attorney with vast experience in family law, including areas such as child abuse and neglect, know that you are in good hands with Donato Law Firm. The child abuse and neglect attorney will review your case in detail, provide you with personalized representation, and keep at your case until you achieve the best possible outcome. Get in touch with a Suffolk County child abuse and neglect attorney now!


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What is Child Abuse and Neglect?

Child neglect is defined as a kind of abuse wherein the adult caregiver, typically the parents,  fail to provide for the child which has eventually resulted in harm be it to the physical, emotional, or mental health of the child. The most notable kind of abuse is active abuse which involves hurting or molestation. Neglect is more passive in nature. 

The most common form of mistreatment is neglect, with its survivors bearing the scars to adulthood, ranging from language problems to stifled mental function. Laws on mistreatment are complicated, so if you face neglect charges, you are definitely in need of assistance from a child abuse and neglect attorney.

What are the Different Forms of Neglect of Abandonment?

Neglect takes on many forms, not just the most common ones. The following are the different forms of neglect caregivers subject children to and what they entail:

Physical Neglect

  • The most common form of child neglect
  • Failure to provide for the child’s needs
  • Abandoning the child or failure to supervise the child also counts as physical neglect. 

Educational Neglect

  • When the caregiver fails to enroll the child in school. 
  • Discourages the child from having an education

Emotional Neglect

  • Includes behaviors such as humiliation, insult, lack of affection, violence
  • Harder to track since there is typically no physical evidence

Medical Neglect

  • Depriving the child of access to healthcare 
  • Withholding medical care and instead opt for prayers is considered as child neglect in other states. 

What Acts Constitute As Child Abuse?

Child abuse laws cover plenty of acts that are intended to cause harm to children. While state laws may vary, the criteria for an abused or neglected child are still the same. Child abuse typically constitutes an assault on a child, unreasonable or excessive discipline, neglect, child sex abuse, and emotional abuse. 

What Are the Penalties for Child Abuse and Neglect?

When facing child abuse cases, the punishments are both misdemeanor and felony punishments and the difference is based on the type of maltreatment done to the child. Sex abuse cases are felonies while domestic violence exposure is a misdemeanor. The typical penalties for child abuse and neglect include:

  • Fines-The fines for child abuse and neglect range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.
  • Incarceration: The typical penalty for child abuse and neglect cases is jail time or imprisonment, which can last up to 10 years or more if it is a felony. Misdemeanors usually last for days up to 1 year. 
  • Probation- This sentence is included in child abuse cases and typically lasts for six months to a year. The courts can impose fines, restraining orders,  and put the child in protective custody, foster care, or call up child protective services.
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Child abuse and neglect are pervasive family issues that plague the society we live in. These issues are often overlooked since neglect can also be emotional and psychological. Nonetheless, it is proven that these types of abuse have lasting impacts on the child which they may carry on throughout life. 

Child abuse and neglect can be charged as either a felony or a misdemeanor with fines and penalties that weigh heavily on one’s criminal record. If you find yourself facing child abuse and neglect charges, don’t go through the process on your own. Get in touch with a child abuse and neglect attorney at Donato Law. 

A child abuse and neglect attorney can review your case, analyze the facts, make you aware of your rights, and fight for you in court. Schedule an appointment with an attorney right now!

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